I began my career in the days of analog. After years of experience I became proficient in eliminating ground loops and hums in analog studio equipment. With the advent of digital and specifically computer based digital audio this obviously became less important. I grew with the industry and have done a good bit of troubleshooting on digital audio and Apple computers.
I don't considered myself a component level technician but of course it's hard to avoid sometimes. I have been known to open up large format mixing console and perform repairs and have also recapped quite a few consoles including Neve, Quad 8 and DDA.
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John Lennon standing over Phil Ramone's Neve. I recapped this board and assisted in installing the new automation system when it was purchased from Phil by Triclops in Atlanta, Georgia.
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The Shure PGX2 is a common RF mic for school's and churches. I learned this when my children's own school asked for help. The problem with these mics is that the power/standby button wears out. I have acquired a small inventory of these buttons and offer replacement of these buttons. Contact me for price and details.